Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ghana Think Tank in Westport, CT

During the Autumn of 2008, the Ghana Think Tank came to Westport, CT, as part of the Optimism show at the Westport Art Center, curated by Michael Connor. Using "man on the street" interviews and anonymous mailboxes distributed throughout town, we collected problems form the residents of Westport, CT, and sent them to think tanks we established in Ghana, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico, Ethiopia, and Serbia. These problems included pesticide use, barking dogs, lack of diversity, and speeding traffic.

Actions included renaming a dog “love”, dog-tags and all; hiring immigrants to attend social functions in a wealthy Connecticut suburb; combating pesticide use through a dandelion promotion campaign including dandelion recipe-books and replanting workshops; taking families to meet their neighbors, and projecting slides of local traffic accidents caused by speeding, onto public structures.

You can see tons more photos here.


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