Tuesday, October 06, 2009

wales' problems

We will soon be traveling to Wales for shows at the National Museum of Wales, Ffotogallery, and the May You Live in Interesting Times festival, where we will be putting into action the solutions we've received from our think tanks. We sent problems collected in Wales to think tanks in Ghana, Mexico, Serbia, Iran, and a group of incarcerated girls in the Massachusetts penal system.

We received several dozen problems from Wales, and these are the six problems we settled on for the think tanks to solve:

1. A large number of people have no concept of social interaction with other passing strangers. They look through you, or worse at you like you're something they've trodden in, with disgust and bitter resentment.

2. There are too many empty shops on every street.

3. To many Liberals allowing immigrants to live and spunch of hard working people kick them out.

4. The psychiatric system in Wales neglects its patients. The hospital feels like a prison ‐ nobody ever invites patients to talk.

5. There seems to be a perception that older people are a burden to society.

6. The pavements are very uneven which makes walking in high heels very difficult.


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