Saturday, March 07, 2009

First solutions for Liverpool

The Thinktank in Serbia at work in the Generator NGO, Vranje, Serbia.

The first batch of solutions came in for the first batch of Liverpool problems:

  • Paint the undersides of people's umbrellas with sunny scapes, then organize activities in the rain, holding these umbrellas, that would normally only be done in the sun. For example, soccer, sun bathing, etc. (with Jay)
  • make some plywood forms, fill with concrete, and set these out along sidewalks on places where cars are often parking (with Tracy)
  • find some Ghanaian people in Liverpool, and get them to run instrument making worshops. It doesn't have to be traditional: it could be a sort of DIY/hack with what you have workshop (with Kenny)
  • promote the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building. (with Rachie B)

  • make sandboxes for the dogs with the right odor in them, put a sign up that says "go here, not there" and you go by every morning to collect the shit.
  • ¬†getting to know liverpool through kids who show us the least known places in liverpool then we publish it on the internet

John and I fly to Liverpool tomorrow, to begin the action!


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