Tuesday, October 06, 2009

iran think tank

Photographs by Poolad Javaher Haghighi. More here.

Greetings to our think tank from Iran!

Our Iran think tank is the Sazmanab Project composed of Anita Esfandiari, Bijan Moosavi, Makan Ashkwari, Mani Nilchiani, Sohrab M. Kashani and Tara Fatehi Irani from Tehran, Iran.

"Sazmanab Project is an independent art space based in Tehran, Iran. This artist-run space is founded by the artist, Sohrab M. Kashani with the aim of creating a productive environment for young and talented art enthusiasts, helping them realize their ideas and projects in the proper space with the necessary tools. Sazmanab Project is basically a studio that conducts various artistic projects – both local and international - along with a show room that has the capacity to provide artists with the opportunity of hosting their own shows, holding workshops, performances and such. Sazmanab seeks to create an interdisciplinary collaboration between the new generations of artists."
-via Sazmanab Project's Facebook group

You can see Sazmanab Project's photos at their flickr account, and follow their tweets here. You can also see the photos taken by Poolad Javaher Haghighi of their September 2009 deliberations about the problems of Cardiff.

Most of our Ffotogallery install revolves around the solutions provided by Iran. You'll see photos of that once we're in Wales and actually have a chance to install it, but I can tell you it will involve columns of hanging t-shirts sporting the smiling faces of Cardiff, a reception/ t-shirt collection evening, teddy bears loaded with the funny naughty stories of Cardiff's elderly community, and brightly colored panels scratched with comments from people living in health institutions. There may even be a video "chandelier."


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