Monday, March 16, 2009


All photos in this post by Jennifer Welch

Tim, a lecturer in Popular Music at JMU, had
complained about cars always parking on the pavement (sidewalk) by his work. When we met with him, he said that when the nursery is letting out, tons of pedestrians (including parents with their tots in pushchairs [strollers]) have to walk around the cars and into the street.

Serbia recommended we build blocks to stop cars from parking on the sidewalk ("bollards" in UK), like they have in Vranje, so we set out to make it so. We built a plywood form, mixed our cement, poured ourselves some Bollards, and painted them with bright yellow high vis stripes.

And then, this afternoon, we delivered them to their desired location, in very official high-vis FACT vests and helmets (John got the dorky one).

We'll check in with Tim to see how Serbia's solution is working out in a few weeks. Thanks, Serbia! (and Ed and Brian and Jen and Tracy, of course).

All photos in this post by Jennifer Welch


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