Tuesday, October 06, 2009

serbia's solutions

Here are the solutions to Cardiff's problems proposed by the think tank in Serbia:

Cardiff's Problems:

1. A large number of people have no concept of social interaction with
other passing strangers. They look through you, or worse at you like
you're something they've trodden in, with disgust and bitter

2. There are too many empty shops on every street.

3. To many Liberals allowing immigrants to live and spunch of hard
working people kick them out.

4. The psychiatric system in Wales neglects its patients. The hospital
feels like a prison ‐ nobody ever invites patients to talk.

5. There seems to be a perception that older people are a burden to

6. The pavements are very uneven which makes walking in high heels
very difficult.

Serbia's solutions:

1. The solution could be seminars on the subject ‘human relations’. You can use slogans like ‘ smile is not so hard thing to do’ or ‘its not so hard to be polite , giving flyers to people always with smile. You can also do short public performance related with the subject at the main squares .

2. Give the shops to the students who have creative and innovative ideas and who can make some own products and put them in the shops. Products should be interesting for the people and attract them, their attention. They can also try find more interesting way to sell them and make some money from which they can pay the (symbolic) rent.

3. Put the immigrants and domestic workers in the same working conditions. Find a same job for both immigrant and domestic workers, giving them the same things to do, the same salary, if its possible arrange that they spend most of the free time together

4. You can do several things here ; educate employees explaining to them the importance of conversation with patients with psychological disability, send psychiatrists who will try to find solutions for the problems or try to form a group( s) who will go once a week in the hospital(s) and talk with patients giving them small presents every time just to cheer them out.

5. Make public debate in which young people will give the flayers to all with the inscription 'I am old and you will be too'. Tell the people that they shouldn’t think only about the present but also about future. How will they react if they are in the same situation and other people think they are burden to society.

6.Put the sign on the payments like’ do not wear high heels on this pavement’ or make one side of the pavement (very even) in straight line which can be used by persons( women) with a high heels.

The Serbia Think Tank participants are: Ivica Mihajlovic, Kristina Maza, Jelena Antic, Dejan Trajkovic and Sandra Antanasijevic (and camera man Marija Djoric).


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